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Graphiste, illustrateur, storyboarder, scénariste,

auteur de BD et réalisateur, Kevin "Kapalsky"

est un artiste freelance autodidacte parisien. 

Il a collaboré et signé de nombreux projets,

de la bd alternative en passant par le court-métrage live​.



Heavily influenced by comics, cinema and commercials,

Kevin "Kapalsky" is a French freelance, self-taught illustrator,

writer, storyboarder, graphic designer and director. 

Drew his first storyboard at age 9 for a school animation,

and kept working  on various projects, from comic books

to storyboards for short films. 

Wrote and illustrated several one-shot comic-books, like

"CODE N.I.K.A."a modern retelling of "The Wizard of Oz",

"TWINGE STREAK", an anticipation thriller, or "ARTIFICiaL",

a sci-fi romance graphic novel.


Kapalsky is now working on a

long-form webcomic called "STUGENERIS".

Wrote and directed a short called

"Mighty II Mundane" in the summer of 2019.





à collaboré avec worked with


Aiata Films

Accolade Association

Audiovisuel Sans Frontières

Billboard Corner

Beneylu Tour

BlackMotion Agency

Du Lac Productions

Djazzafonk Unlimited

Clap & Zap Production

Lynz Paris

TreeCircle Media




SEVEN Production



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